Qirmizi Madison "Míra"
Born 02 July 2010


Mira is imported from the Swedish kennel Qirmizi. Ingunn and Nicklas Eriksson stand behind that kennel and they have breed and shown Saluki with unbelievable success for many years. Mira is very curious and alert. She is very spirited and loves to run around. Information about her parents and bloodlines can be seen below. 
Mira is registered at the Icelandic Kennel Club member of FCI.

Mira on her two years birthday

Mira 11 months

Mira 5 months old                                                       Mira 3 months old

8 weeks                                                                           8 weeks front


Dk Se Ch JWW-08
Feisal's Fadil Fariq Ibn Salar

Dk Ch
Feisal's Xerad Darya Salar

Dk Ch Klb Ch KbhV-96
Feisal's Qaaniy Qharim

Dk D Ch Klb Ch
Shah's Azamah el Said

Dk Ch Klb Ch KbhV-90,91
Feisal's Ki-Khala

Dk Ch KlB Ch
Feisal's Najad el Aswad

Dk Ch
Silhuetts Shah Said

Int Dk Ch Klb Ch KbhV-88
Feisal's Jaddiih

Dk Ch
Badavie Uilos Kamran

AM. S & N Ch
Wisdom's Totally Awsome Atom

Am Ch
Ranesaw Words Of Wisdom

Am Ch
Wisdom's Lady In Red Jameela

Int Nord Ch
NordV-95 SV-97 SV-98 SV-99
Badavie Illuin

Fin S Ch
El Hamrah Jibal

S Ch
Badavie Fantasi

Int Nord Ch NV-05 SV-05
NV-06 NordV-06 SV-08
NV-08 NordV-08
Qirmizi Global Temptress

Am Ch
Shiraz Global Storm

Int, Nord & Am Ch NV-93
SV-93 NordV-94 NV-95 WW-98
Baghdad Globetrotter

Aust Ch
Elarabie Thunderbolt

Am, Can & Aust Ch
Afking Baghdad's Crimson Gazelle

SBIS Int Am Ch
Ranesaw Shiraz Kalahari JC (B)

Ranesaw Words of Wisdom

Am Ch & FCh
Ranesaw A'Ruuh Aziba of Shiraz

Int, Nord & Fin Ch Kbhv-02
Qirmizi Casablanca

Multi Ch Multi Ch
Mata Salamata's Jadaan Khan

Int, Ger & Austrian Ch
Mata Salamata's Aga Khan

Am & Ger Ch
Bel'S Mbran JR Juvenoir

S Ch
Qirmizi Bellarama

Int, Nord & Am Ch NV-93
SV-93, NordV-94, NV-95 WW-98
Baghdad Globetrotter

Aust, Se & No Ch
Baghdad Azahd Sahar