Lure coursing

In lure coursing dogs chase an artificial lure across a field, following a pattern that is meant to simulate live coursing.
This is a special competition event where two dogs of the same breed compete against each other. The race is on a track were length and directions varies. The track is only a long string with a teaser at the end, usually torn plastic bag or something similar. The string is on the track in certain angulations. At the end of the track is a operator who controls the speed of the bait. The dogs then compete in chasing this "live prey." They are judged by different qualities of speed, compliance, resistance, agility, and overall grade.

This is a big sport with Sight hounds not least in the Nordic countries and the United States. Dogs can earn points for lure coursing just like in dog shows but this requires, of course, specially trained judges to judge. Lure coursing is not a sport that sights hounds needs to be taught, it’s in their nature. But in order to be good in lure coursing they need of course exercise.
Lure coursing is first and foremost a fun sport for dogs and their owners.