I have always had animals, from mouse up to horses. I was only seven years when my family had its first dog. He got the name Kátur and was a mix of Icelandic sheepdog. When I was fifteen I bought my first pure breed dog. It was an Australian Silk Terrier, called Tína and she was such a cupcake.


In the year 2003 I went to Spain to study for a master degree. I thought the house was very empty with no dog running around and I decided to get a guard dog, a Dobermann. I got a bitch from the Spanish breeder Rhayader, Rhayader Elaine or Dimma liked I called her, We had some good times in Spain and after the study I imported her to Iceland with me. Dimma finished obedience and tracking exams and with her I took my first steps in the show ring. The idea of my breeding name came from Dimmas eyes, because she had very big puppy eyes always when she looked at you. Dimmas and my first litter was born 14th of February on Valentines day. I really miss my dear old friend, RIP.


In Spain while I was studying I met my first Saluki, at that time there were no Salukis in Iceland. I had only seen this kind of dogs in books when I was younger. I completely fell for this beautiful and mysterious breed and started reading intensely about it. At that time Dimma was only a puppy and I decided to wait for a while. In 2005 when I was back in Iceland I put myself in a contact with some Saluki breeders and after about three years of searching for the right import I found him. It was a male from the Danish breeder Feisals that made my dream come true. Feisals Gulliem Gaudi or Gaudí came to Iceland in the beginning of January 2009. I will always be very thankful to Birgitte who trusted me for this wonderful boy. But I kept on looking for the right female to import, and I waited for a litter out of a bitch, which I had totally fallen in love with, Qirmizi Global Temptress. Finally In 2010 Qirmizi Madison or Míra was born. I am very grateful to Ingunn and Nicklas that stand behind the Swedish kennel Qirmizi for helping me making this all come true.

The last couple of years my interest in showing and breeding has increased and I am a member of the Icelandic Kennel Club. I was a trustee in the division of Pincher, Mastiff- and mountain dogs for some years and now I am a trustee in the sight hound club in Iceland. I care about the Saluki breed and I try to be a good role model for dog owners.